Direct Reduced Iron/Sponge Iron Coal-Based Rotary Kiln (100, 350, and 500 TPD) Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) is a substitute raw material for the production of steel that is produced by the solid-state reduction of iron ore using either coal or gas as a reduction medium. DRI has a structure that is just like a sponge with a web of interconnected pores since it is created by extracting oxygen from iron ore. Approximately 10,000 times larger than the internal surface area of solid iron, these holes produce a massive internal surface area. As a result, DRI is sometimes referred to as sponge iron.

Main Components of the Rotary Kiln areā€¦

  • Raw Material Handling & Storage
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Rotary Cooler
  • Magnetic Separators (MS)
  • Dust Settling Chamber (DSC)
  • Post Combustion Chamber (PCC)
  • Product Handling & Storage
  • Off Gas Handling & Cleaning System
S.No Name of Concern kiln Nos
1 M/s. Shyam sel Pvt.Ltd, Ranigunj, West Bengal 100 TPD 2
2 M/s. Maithon Power Pvt.Ltd., Madhukunda, West Bengal 100 TPD 1
3 M/s. Vision Sponge Iron Pvt.Ltd., Madhulianda, West Bengal 100 TPD 1
4 M/s. Jharkhand Ispat Pvt.Ltd., Ramgarh, Jharkhand 100 TPD 1
5 M/s. ASL Steel & Iron Ltd., Bhalrampur, (Datia), West Bengal 100 TPD 1
6 M/s. Sova Ispat Ltd…, Mejia, Bankura 100 TPD 1


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