About us


Sri. P. Rajan Babu, founder and Chairman, Established Sarojini Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. in 1992.

We build Sarojini Engineering Works with hands-on experience in the Fabrication, Erection, and Commissioning of Submerged Electric Arc Furnaces in different parts of India and abroad.

SAROJINI GROUP has an expert team for the Design, Detailed Engineering, Troubleshooting, Installation, and Commissioning of Submerged Electric Arc Furnaces for the production of Ferro Alloys. A group of well-experienced experts in the field of Design and Execution of Projects for the last three decades has been managing SEW.

The transcendent quality of the construction of the plant and production is guaranteed with the Sarojini Group up to the level of Quality assurance / Quality Control measures taken care of by the experts while doing the fabrication and installation of the plant.


At Sarojini Group, we focus on solving our customer's problems. The technical expertise available at SEPC makes it possible to conform to Stringent Code/Customer requirements through the adoption of Design, Fabrication, Construction, and Testing. We have deployed a huge team of design engineers with strong experience in various design software. Our Design and Engineering Office is well equipped with the latest CAD Software to design and detail in line with client requirements. Our engineers can handle any level of complex project with utmost ease and professionalism.


Sarojini Group within One Roof, Having Its Manufacturing Workshops at Kasimkota and Lankelapalem. It Has A Total Plant Area Of 8.3 Acres, With Well Equipped Workshop, Heavy Fabrication Machineries, Skilled Work Force Supported By An Experienced And Dedicated Engineers With Fully Computerized Designs & Operations To Handle The Engineering Aspect Of The Project. Total Work Force Of Around 90 Peoples With The Capacity To Fabricate 3000+MT Per Annum.


The installation procedure is handled onsite by our team of qualified engineers and technicians. The client's team undergoes extensive training to be fully acquainted with the working of the systems and machinery. We check each system for all possible functioning parameters to complete till the fulfillment of the pre-decided parameters. In addition to the above, a fully functional after-sales department takes care of regular servicing, and component replacement is taken care of by a fully functional after-sales department.